9/11 Memorial Events

9/11 Memorial Events


     Not even two decades after 9/11 and it seems like America has forgotten about the terrorist attack that forever changed our country. The students of today did not experience the horror as we did. They do not have the "Where were you on 9/11?" stories. In order to never forget, we must continue reminding people -- and the next generation -- about the imminent threat that terrorism still poses to our country.


1.) Candlelight vigil

✔️ Plan the vigil at your local city council

✔️ Email friends & share on social media the meeting time and address

✔️ Share your "Where were you on 9/11?" stories

✔️ Sing patriotic songs, like "God Bless America" and our National Anthem

2.) Spell out "9/11" in miniature American flags at a popular local park

3.) Sign-waving poster examples

✔️ Never Forget

✔️ Never Forget Means Never Again

✔️ Secure Our Borders

✔️ God Bless America



✔️ Designate a friend to take pictures during these activities

✔️ Send photos to pictures@actforamerica.org & include a caption