Host a Recruitment Drive

Host a Recruitment Drive

     In addition to voter registration, one of the most important things we need to do is petitioning/tabling. When we talk to like-minded people we already know, we are preaching to the choir. These people already agree with our national security stances. To grow our organization, and our voter base, we must reach out to new people and talk to them about our core issues.

1.) Materials Needed

- Clipboards

- Black or blue pens

- Petitions

- Voter registration forms

- Duct tape

- Table (Alternative to setting up a table is walking around an event with clipboards)

- Poster (e.g. Voter Registration, Secure Our Borders)

- Fold up chairs (optional)

2.) Where to Table

- Community events

- Grocery stores/malls

- Gun shops/gun shows

- Outdoor sports events

- Town halls

- Local political rallies

3.) Volunteers

- Minimum of 2 volunteers

- Designate 1 volunteer to take pictures

- Assign which volunteers will bring what items

4.) Activity Suggestions

- Bake Sales

- Polls

- Raffles

5.) Instructions

- Set up your table in a public place or get permission from an owner

- Tape a poster to the front of the table and place your materials on top

- Actively engage with people as they walk near your table

“Have you heard about the Open Eyes Save Lives campaign?”

“How do you feel about securing the border?”

“Do you feel safer after 9/11?”

“Have you heard of ACT for America?”

- Introduce yourself and tell the person why you are there

6.) Take Photos

- Take pictures of people talking to your volunteers at the table and signing petitions

- Send your photos to and include a caption


*Helpful Tips*

Be friendly, polite, and non-confrontational.

When talking with people, make sure to stand in front of the table.

Actively engage with people who walk near your table.