Keep Texas Strong-Hold the Line!

Keep Texas Strong-Hold the Line!

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Keep Texas Strong and Hold the Line for Operation Lone Star!

Amidst the towering shadows of challenges, Texas stands undeterred, utilizing every strategy and resource to protect its sovereignty, combat criminal activity, and discourage illegal immigration. A visual testament to this unwavering commitment unfolds at Shelby Park, where Texas National Guard personnel boldly set up more razor wire, sending a clear message that the state will not yield to federal pressure.

Empowered by the Operation Lone Star initiative, Texas has witnessed a remarkable decline in illegal crossings. Governor Greg Abbott's bold decision to grant authority over the park to state forces has proven effective, sidelining federal and city officials. Operation Lone Star officers report a significant reduction, with only about 60 illegal border crossers encountered in the last three days – a stark difference from the thousands witnessed in previous years.

Governor Abbott has made a solemn vow – Texas will not back down in its relentless efforts to secure the border, even in the absence of federal support. All eyes are now on the federal government's response to the recent Supreme Court ruling.

The Texas Republican Party, embodying the unyielding spirit of the state, issued a stern challenge to the Biden administration: "Come and cut it!" This bold stance encapsulates the essence of Texas – resolute, unyielding, and determined to secure its borders against all odds.

As Texas stands in the gap for America, let us rally together, showing our unwavering support for Operation Lone Star. Strengthen the resolve of Governor Abbott and state representatives as they HOLD THE LINE, for in unity, resilience, and determination, Texas stands strong – a beacon for the nation.

"A Nation that Cannot Control It's Borders is Not a Nation!"
-Ronald Reagan

Help Us Keep Texas Strong-Hold the Line!

Every dollar raised will be dedicated to raising awareness, and mobilizing grassroots pressure on every elected official to impact policy.

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