Protect Cottonwood’s Children from Sexual Exploitation!

Protect Cottonwood’s Children from Sexual Exploitation!

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Drag Queen performances are never appropriate for kids.

Drag is adult entertainment that should remain behind private walls along with female exotic dancing and subject to the same statutes and restrictions as strip tease performances as “sexually oriented businesses”. Drag performers, whether scantily dressed or fully dressed, are always sexually provocative and inappropriate for minors.

Drag entertainment has been relegated to Drag Bar establishments nationwide and has always fallen under city statutes for ‘sexually oriented’ adult entertainment with strict age restrictions until recently.

A recent trend in Drag public performances marketed “for all ages” or “families” is a new phenomenon that has left many citizens shocked that authorities have allowed these events, whether in local libraries, restaurants, malls, public parks, or other locals.

Adult entertainers have never attempted to market and perform in a public setting before, catching local officials off guard. Imagine what the public reaction would be if the local gentleman’s club attempted to organize an ‘all ages’ event in the community park; it’s not done because it’s illegal!

City officials are fearful of attacks by the LGBT organization and community, fearful of being labeled transphobic or bigoted, failing to question the legality of these events.

Citywide ordinances for ‘sexually oriented businesses’ and Public decency laws that prohibit lewd and lascivious behavior need to be amended to clearly define Drag alongside Strip Tease performance to protect children and allow local law enforcement to safeguard our community.  

Call on Cottonwood’s City Council to Protect Cottonwood’s Children and pass the ‘Protect Children Act’.

“A child's innocence is the one gift, that once stolen, can never be replaced.”
Jaeda DeWalt

Help Us Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children!

Every dollar raised will be dedicated to raising awareness, and mobilizing grassroots pressure on every elected official to impact policy.

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