Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses!

Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses!

Actions Taken

Harvard, Penn, Georgetown, and more have become hotbeds of antisemitism, especially considering the Palestinian Hamas’ terror attack on Israeli civilians.

The resurgence of antisemitism on college campuses is deeply troubling, manifesting through shocking graduation speeches and even celebrations of recent terrorist attacks. It's high time to take a firm stance. Colleges and universities that permit antisemitism on campus should find their federal education funding revoked.

Moreover, organized actions that not only endorse but also incite acts of terror as a means of 'resistance' must face severe consequences. Regardless of the validity of their grievances, such actions should be subject to federal charges for threats and incitement of violence.

The duty before us is not merely to denounce this hatred but to stamp it out wherever it dares to rear its ugly head.

Call on Congress to immediately rescind federal education funding for colleges and universities that peddle antisemitism or authorize, fund, or facilitate events that promote violent antisemitism; Vote Yes on the ‘Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses Act’!

"There is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. Free speech encourages debate whereas hate speech incites violence."
-Newton Lee

Help Us Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses!

Every dollar raised will be dedicated to raising awareness, and mobilizing grassroots pressure on every elected official to impact policy.

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