Stop US Aid Funding Palestinian Terrorism!

Actions Taken

Ninety-eight percent of the Arab Muslim settlers in the West Bank hate America, as do 96.8% of those in Gaza.

Only 17% of Palestinians support a two-state solution, the majority of which demand unfettered access to Israel as a condition, allowing for zero border security.

Members of the UN UNRWA have been caught participating in and supporting the 10/7 Sabbath Massacre. For decades they have been actively contributing to breeding hatred and terror in Palestinian youth. 

Our financial aid has enriched extremist leaders, fueled catastrophic attacks on Israeli civilians, and nurtured new generations of terrorists. The Biden Administration, and consequently, American taxpayers, must confront the harsh truth that our aid may be inadvertently contributing to violence. To avert further bloodshed, we must cease all financial aid immediately, holding our government accountable for the consequences of their actions.

New reports prove USAID to Gaza is being hijacked by Hamas, and this government agency is refusing to release the list of non-governmental organizations entrusted with securing and distributing taxpayer-funded humanitarian aid, and Biden's National Security Spokesman John Kirby is denying there's evidence despite hundreds of videos posted by Gazans and Israeli Defense Forces. 

Call on Congress to cut off all financial aid to Palestinians and investigate the USAID and hijacking claims today!

Updated 1-8-20247 
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
-President Abraham Lincoln

Help Us Stop US Aid Funding Palestinian Terrorism!

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