Stop the War on Gas-Powered Vehicles and Fossil Fuel!

Stop the War on Gas-Powered Vehicles and Fossil Fuel!

Actions Taken

The Federal Clean Air Act of 1970: Exploited to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles and Wage War on Fossil Fuels

The unintended consequences of the Federal Clean Air Act of 1970 have given rise to an unforeseen imbalance, elevating California to a parallel authority with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in vehicular emissions regulation. This shift, hidden from public awareness, empowers California to shape emissions standards for a significant portion of the nation.

California is now using its misplaced CAA Section 177 authority to wage a war on fossil fuels through the Advanced Clean Cars II rule. This mandate imposes a phased ban on new gas-powered car sales by 2035, with repercussions immediately extending to the 12 states that have chosen to follow California's guidelines under the CAA Section 177.

Governor Gavin Newsom's adherence to the Davos Globalist Climate Agenda amplifies California's influence, impacting over one-third of states with a ripple effect that will impact the entire nation with seventeen states that typically follow California’s lead.  

Nine states have already adopted California’s radical law including ConnecticutMarylandMassachusettsNew JerseyNew YorkOregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington while the remaining states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington DC are poised to be next.

With approximately 79% of the nation's energy grid sourced from fossil fuels, the shift to EVs seems like a deceptive shell game. Does the push for EVs genuinely benefit the planet, or is it merely orchestrating a dubious financial reshuffle from the private sector to fossil fuel-powered state-controlled municipalities while claiming the moral high ground?

Supporting efforts for clean air should not be conflated with endorsing a campaign against fossil fuels or jeopardizing our Constitutional right to choose our mode of transportation under freedom of movement.  

Call on Congress and State Representatives to ACT NOW!

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves"
-Abraham Lincoln

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