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Act for America Chapter Code of Conduct

Anyone who advocates violence or violates hate speech laws does not speak on behalf of ACT for America. Should our organization confirm an activist, claiming association with ACT for America, is promoting violence or hate speech views, we will terminate any association with such person. This does not mean you are prohibited from free speech and public criticisms regarding organizations that are openly working against our core mission including anyone fighting for Socialist, Marxist or Revolutionary causes. We welcome patriotic Americans of all beliefs and backgrounds. It is our privilege to serve with our friends, volunteers, and fellow patriots for the cause of freedom!

Act for America Policy Agreement

TRADEMARK LICENSING: ACT for America Chapters and Affiliate Groups: We permit the conditional license to use the name “ACT for America” and the “ACT for America” logo and Web site banner, solely in connection with the Local Chapter’s activities undertaken in accordance with rules and procedures that may be prescribed from time to time by ACT for America. The Local Chapter acknowledges that ACT for America is the lawful owner of the Name “ACT for America” and all associated trademarks, copyrights, service marks and similar rights under common and federal law. ACT for America retains the right to approve, or decline uses of its name for written material such as flyers, for electronic communications, and to unilaterally revoke any previous approval of the use of its name. CHAPTER POLICY: ACT for America’s Group may never endorse any candidates running for public office. Group Executives may endorse candidates in their personal time but may not do so on behalf of the Group. ACT for America’s Groups may never campaign for political candidates or aid political campaigns in any manner (donate money, recruit campaign volunteers, etc.). Leaders of the group may do these activities on their personal time but may not do so on behalf of the group. Groups may never design, offer, or sell apparel that is not designed and approved by the ACT for America Headquarters. Adhere to all operations in accordance with 501(c)4 guidelines. The Local Chapter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ACT for America and its directors, officers, employees, agents and other Local Chapters for any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, or settlements, including reasonable attorney’s fees, costs, and other expenses incurred by such Parties in (i) enforcing the terms of this Agreement, or (ii) result of the Local Chapter’s breach of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be effective as of that date first specified above and shall continue in effect until terminated by either party. ACT for America reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement upon a material breach, as determined by ACT for America, of the Agreement by the Local Chapter. ACT for America retains the right to seek equitable relief in any court having jurisdiction in the event the Local Chapter does, continues, or threatens to continue in conduct in violation of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, excluding its choice of law provisions.