ACT for America is committed to leading the charge to SECURE America’s election systems. Cheating in US elections should be IMPOSSIBLE and transparency along with accountability must always come first! 

That’s why ACT developed a 10-Point Plan to SECURE US Elections on the state and federal levels!

ACT for America’s 10-Point Plan to SECURE US Elections:

  1. 1. Mandatory Voter ID Laws
  2. 2. Ban Same-Day Voter Registration
  3. 3. No Last-Minute Changes to State Election Laws
  4. 4. ZERO Ballot Harvesting
  5. 5. Paper Ballots – We MUST Have An Audit Trail
  6. 6. Set Vote Count Time Frames – No Week Late Ballot Dumps
  7. 7. Reduce Voting Window (7 days of early voting maximum)
  8. 8. In-Person Voting Only – Absentee for Valid Excuses (Military Service, College Out of State, Medical Excuse, etc)
  9. 9. Votes Counted In Public With Multiple Witnesses And Camera Footage
  10. 10. Large Voting Counties and Precincts Must Report Total Vote Counts FIRST Before Counting Results

We are working tirelessly to pass and push meaningful election laws guided by our 10 key issues, this is about preserving the integrity of our constitutional Republic.

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