1776 Strong


To host a 1776 STRONG event in your community, please email activist@actforamerica.org.


Let’s Unite and Stand 1776 STRONG!
1776 STRONG is a public declaration to stand strong for America, our Constitution, and our Freedoms! Let's stand proudly with our Founding Fathers and share the Spirit of 1776 as one, undivided United States of America. This is OUR COUNTRY and we are forever 1776 STRONG!


We must stand together, electing Patriots who love our country, love and respect our Constitution, and will stand 1776 STRONG

We must pool our time, talent, and treasure to win this battle together! 


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Below are several resources you can download and use for activism, and group activities in your community.

**Send your celebration photos to activist@actforamerica.org**


1776 Strong    American Patriots

Crowd    American Flag