No ‘Restrict Act’ Warrantless Surveillance of Americans!

Actions Taken

‘The Restrict Act’, DISGUISED as a TikTok ban, is a VERY DANGEROUS Digital Patriots Act 2.0, a warrantless government surveillance authorization bill, that DWARFS in comparison to the powers authorized under the Patriot Act.  

The Restrict Act will give the government unfettered power and authority to weaponize against platforms, organizations, and individuals, eliminating our right to privacy and creating a CCP/European Surveillance system that allows access to ALL digital activities and technologies in use today. Reading this bill makes your blood run cold!

All elections conducted using any digital technology would include unfettered federal government surveillance and intrusion, violating our constitution.  

The ‘Restrict Act’ also poses a grave threat to State Sovereignty and the natural balance of powers guaranteed by our constitution.

The Bait and Switch deception at play is that, in the name of restricting foreign adversaries (including the CCP) from weaponizing against America and its citizenry, these anti-American representatives are attempting to implement a more extreme version of weaponized spying on US citizens that includes enforcement and imprisonment if we attempt to use privacy protection applications.  

Call on Congress to stop the ‘Restrict Act’ and pull this bill! Call on State Governor’s and State Attorney Generals to condemn and stop this bill on the Hill.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
-President Abraham Lincoln

Help Us Stop the 'Restrict Act' Warrantless Surveillance of Americans!

Every dollar raised will be dedicated to raising awareness, and mobilizing grassroots pressure on every elected official to impact policy.

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