An Electromagnetic Pulse attack (EMP) is perhaps the most critical threat facing the United States today. An EMP attack is an attack caused by a nuclear detonation above the Earth’s atmosphere, in which the radiation destroys all communication, electricity, and access to basic human necessities. An attack of such magnitude could wipe out more than half of the U.S population within a matter of months, and north of 90 percent within a year.

An Electromagnetic Pulse attack possesses the capability of eliminating all forms of electricity, as well as destroying all forms of communication, including cellular, internet, and satellite. Food, running water, and other basic necessities of human life would immediately become scarce. The inability to communicate or obtain access to basic necessities of human survival would prove catastrophic.

How could such an attack occur? A nuclear explosion, the immediate effects of which would not even need to take place within the United States is all it would take to send our nation into the Stone Age. Additionally, a solar super storm, caused by the sun also possesses the capability of knocking out power across the entire globe for months or even years. NASA estimates that solar super-storms occur approximately once every 100-150 years.

The reality is our nation is and continues to be overwhelmingly unprepared for such an attack for decades. Politicians in Washington continue to sit on their hands while existential threats such as an EMP attack remain a reality.

Act for America remains overwhelmingly committed to securing our electrical grid and protecting against catastrophic attacks such as those an EMP possess the capability of delivering. Our electrical grid is our lifeline and as such, deserves the most significant security and protection. Act for America will continue to mobilize our grassroots machine to pass legislation that protects our nation from this type of existential threat. Call your Congressmen and Senator today to demand action to protect this nation against a catastrophic EMP attack.