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Tell Congress to Support the Medical Supply Chain Security Act
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The Medical Supply Chain Security Act has been introduced into the Senate (S.3343) by Senator Josh Hawley and in the House of Representatives (HR 6049) by Rep. Mike Gallagher.

The Medical Supply Chain Security Act comes after reports of potential American drug shortages due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

The Medical Supply Chain Security Act will:

  • Require that manufacturers report imminent or forecasted shortages of life-saving or life-sustaining medical devices to the FDA just as they currently do for pharmaceutical drugs. This new information on devices would be added to the FDA’s annual report to Congress on drug shortages.
  • Allow the FDA to expedite the review of essential medical devices that require pre-market approval in the event of an expected shortage reported by a manufacturer.
  • Give new authority to the FDA to request information from manufacturers of essential drugs or devices regarding all aspects of their manufacturing capacity, including sourcing of component parts, sourcing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, use of any scarce raw materials, and any other details the FDA deems relevant to assess the security of the U.S. medical product supply chain.

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