If you wish to start and lead an ACT For America group in your community and become a voice affecting our nation please fill the required information below.

ACT for America groups are independent activists who have agreed to form local groups with the intent to build grassroots support for legislation impacting the local community and to work on issues affecting our nation at large. Each group will have a leader who is the liaison to ACT For America Headquarters.Together we rise in defense of our security, freedom, and American values. Let’s roll…

Leader Contact Information


Our group agrees with these five principles:

1. Stop the leftist/socialist agenda: They want to transform America into a socialist, lawless and corrupt country. We will not allow them. Not under our watch.

2. Keep America Safe: We pledge to keep America safe from all threats foreign or domestic.

3. Network and Organize: We work with other like-minded groups who share ACT For America’s views on preserving America as it was envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

4. Be part of a powerful and effective movement: We work strategically to secure our borders, reform immigration, support strong military, throw political correctness in the garbage, implement strong security policies and put America First.

5. Agree to our Non-Violence and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

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